Sunday, October 29, 2006


Sometimes you have one of those days that will stay with you for the right reasons but at the same time makes you think just a little too much. I have spent the day with my six year old son, not doing a lot but its was a good day. We went for a walk to go look at things that fascinate him, we came home and lit a wood fire in the garden, lit some candles too and spent a while talking about nothing much. It was only a short time later that it dawned on me.

At six years of age I spent a lot of my time out and about, yeah I got into trouble now and then and got a well deserved clip around the ear for it. But my mum never thought twice about sending me and my eight year old brother out to play for the day and we did, everywhere and anywhere with nothing more than a bottle of water and a few pence to get some crisps, we went for miles, often meeting up with other roaming gangs of kids about the same age. We spent many a time using what we found, we built gang huts, we had sled races on nothing more than bin lids or bits of plastic found lying around. Hide and seek would last hours, hell find a derelict house and you found heaven, it was the only place to be. For the most part the worse we did was simple kids mischief and the worse we came across was some miserable old sod that used to chase us away from their front as they didn't like our football hitting their wall.

Now I look at my son, he is six next week and has never been out to play with a gang of kids his own age, he probably wont until he is a good few years older, why? Its not him I don't trust, its the people out there, the scum of the earth that prey on children of his age, yes they were around when I was a kid but the bastards were far and few between and to be honest they were dealt with by the general public, they didn't take kindly to paedophiles or the like, they didn't try to rehabilitate them, they got rid one way or the other. So the odds of coming up against one was remote, now not so, it seems every corner we come across there is one waiting, they have robbed our children of their childhood and whats more we have helped them to do so. We now mollycoddle such offenders and think we can take someone so sick as to rape a child and make them a viable member of society, because left wing liberals feel we must we have let these animals get away with the vilest act that can be done.

Each of us with children of our own are now paying the price by having to deny our children their innocence, I for one don't like to have to sit and warn my six year old son of the horrors that might exist out there, why should I? My children should be able to simply learn to grow up the way we did, we should not have to put up with this.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Religion, you can shove it!

Why? I have yet to find the answer to the question as to why we need religion, if it was a business it would have gone bust years ago and the Pope would be inside on a charge of corporate manslaughter. I think the only thing that keeps it going is so the blue rinse brigade have something to do on Sunday mornings.

If ever there was something we could do without it has to be religion, it has caused more wars than it ever resolved, it has killed more people than it ever managed to save. We have one sect deciding it wants to kill another simply because it believes in something different. It harbours some of the most perverse degenerates society seems to spawn, the Christians have more paedophiles hidden within its cloisters than we have banged up in prison, do you have to train as a kiddy fiddler to get in or something. And before the Muslims get all fucking high and mighty they have a prophet they are willing to die for who thought it was OK to marry a six year old girl, this is the man you follow, who you hold in high esteem? A paedophile? You can tart it up as much as you want but should I come across any man who thinks its OK to mess with a six year old he would be missing vital parts of his anatomy that would quench his desire to sleep with a six year old.

Nothing but insurance salesmen all of them, regardless of what creed they try and foist on us, believe in what I tell you and you will get into my heaven, don't and you shall go to my hell, oh and while your at it you should bestow all your worldly goods to us! Have we not progressed enough that we no longer need the crutch of a worthless faith? If religion never existed and someone tried to introduced it now he would be locked up next to David Ike as a complete nutter so why do accept the complete crap now?

What I see and feel I can believe in, what I can prove I can believe in, what someone espouses as the truth without a shred of evidence I cannot and will not believe in, the church, the temples, the mosques and whatever else people pray in have too much say in how the world is run, the sooner we get to burning the lot down the better.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Fame my arse

Oh the joys of being English and stupid, we must be, we accept that some one who has managed to get their face on TV is famous and therefore is worthy of our adoration. Reality TV brings our monthly rounds of the soon to be famous into our doors and we bow down to their god like stature because the head of all gods (the TV ) has said we must, X Factor (talentless no marks that couldn't get a record deal on their own merits are paraded in front of judges that have less talent than the contestants) Big Brother (jeez please no, what people are willing to put themselves through just to get seen) and hosts of other "reality shows are to blame and they should be banned forthwith. They are so far removed from anyone's reality they are in breach of a host of advertisements etc. But like the sheep we are we pander to not only the shows but the idiots paraded in them.

Take Chantelle (please take her, bury her in your back garden I wont tell anyone) this dozy cow has brought an autobiography out, what the fuck, her claim to fame is she appeared in Celebrity Big Brother, married some halfwit that was on it and now she sees fit to write her life story. I always thought to write your life story you had to at least have a life in the first place! I think she has not long grown out of nappies, life story my arse.

So stop it, just ignore them, then with a little luck these attention whores just might crawl back under the rocks they came from and we would not have to suffer them anymore.

I can though think of another "reality" show:

You get to kidnap one of these dipshits, hold them up to ransom, should the general public not raise the funds required for their release we get to hang draw and quarter them live on TV, I would watch that.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Crime and Punishment

What the hell is going on in the UK, we now pay our prisoners to play fucking scrabble or go to the gym, the sodding left wing liberals believe it helps to bring them back into main stream society. Do me a favour, if we are going to punish these low lives lets do just that, you want to stop them re-offending then make it they never want to go back into prison again. In fact lets take a leaf out of the US books and start executing some of them, other's might think twice if they see some of their buddies hanging from the gallows outside. Yeah I expect to hear the "Oh you cannot do that, its a human life you are talking about" Bolocks, these animals didn't care about the human life when they went out murdering and raping children, they didn't care it was a human life when they killed the old dear for the few pence she had in her bag, they didn't care when they destroyed a family for the random killing of a man just because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Our prisons are now that full we have to stop putting these scroats inside to do time, why? That on its own should tell our incompetent fucking politicians something, they are full because the bastards don't mind being in the fucking places.

Make the punishment fit the crime, you need someone to pull the lever, go ask Joe Public, you may be surprised just how many volunteers you will get.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

And where are your little darlings tonight?

Would they happen to have come home last night with a nose spread across their face in Liverpool? I suggest you ask them how they came about the bloody nose. Trying to take the keys of a biker in full gear was not wise, getting a head butt with someone wearing a crash helmet must hurt. Tell the toe rag should he decide to try it again he may well end up a lot worse off.

I have kids, I know where they are at any given time, they know right from wrong, should the police knock on my door with my son who was sporting any injury due to him trying a criminal act he would be sporting another from me. I will not be screaming victimisation, asking the one who hit my son be prosecuted, in fact I would ask for his details so my son could go and apologise.

Take responsibility for your offspring, don't think its the schools job to teach them all they need to know, as a parent you have a duty not only to your children but to the rest of society to ensure your family act within the bounds of the law. If you just cant be arse or are nothing but a breeding factory (you know the type, keep having kids because their giro grows in ratio and think the rest of us should look after them and their spawn) then you should be the one slapped stupid.

At some point in this country people are going to get that pissed off with what is going on they will decide the law cannot deliver the justice required and will take it on themselves to ensure your little scroats get what they need in re-educating. I for one will be at the front of the queue with my baseball bat in hand.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Veiled threat!

I'm getting sick of all the crap floating about the UK in regards to women wearing veils, sorry but if I want to talk to someone I would like to see more than a pair of eyes its a simple matter of trust, hell I have to take my helmet of in a good few petrol stations just to get served, if I decided to say it was against my religious beliefs wouldnt they let me leave it on? I don't think so.

The distrust in the UK from the public and our Muslim counterparts is at an all time high, will hiding behind a mask help to alleviate some of that distrust? will it fuck why do they feel it right they should hide, they sit and whine they are outcasts from the mainstay of society here but set about building the divisions that will ensure they remain outcasts. The idea of moving to another country for a better life is fit in with that country, not try and turn it into another fucking version of your homeland, if you want it that bad then why the hell leave it in the first place.

Don't come here to escape persecution or whatever and decide your going to persecute me and mine simply because I don't follow whatever sodding god you believe in (I have no religion thank you very much and that's the way its going to stay so stop trying to ram it down my throat) its just not going to happen, should you wish to live peacefully within the safety of this country then do just that, live peacefully and stop thinking its clever to strap a bomb to yourselves!

Roundabout and mobiles

What the fuck is it with people in this country that they cant use roundabouts? Why do you insist on stopping at them when there is no one at them? I can understand the Americans not knowing, they don't have them (they need someone to tell them what to do so they have traffic lights at every junction) But over here we have had them since day dot and most still don't have a clue. Women are the worse offenders, they stop everytime, it could be in the middle of the Sahara desert with not another car for 300 miles and they would still fucking stop!

Its the left lane to turn left or go straight ahead, the right lane to continue, god help us on roundabouts with more than 2 lanes as most get lost deciding what sodding lane to use. I'm happy with the artics, they have to go around the outside because most planners seem to think they can turn on a dime and made the roundabouts to suit (areseholes!) so I give them a wide berth but the idiots (usually in a two seater fucking smart car, you know the ones, look like they should have a remote control) who decide they want to turn right from the left lane and then wonder why I have kicked their front wing as they cut me up, need castrating.

Oh yeah, anyone caught using a mobile phone should have it stapled to the side of their heads as punishments, quiet willing to do it myself for free if this dipshit of a government ever decides to stop being PC.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Beyond caring

Well I'm a middle aged white man stuck in the north west of the UK and I think I am now a minority, I'm not PC, I'm not "metrosexual" I dont use moisterisure, I fart in public, scratch my arse should it get itchy and I'll be fucked if I'll go be a "house husband"
Jeez I wonder where the hell it will all end, new man my arse, I struggle to find anything wrong with the old man, we know how to look after ourselves, yes I can cook, iron, sew and do whatever I need to do if I have to, being married I dont have to (is it anti-PC to say that, I hope so) but get me cornered I'll fight my way out, I wont be worried about making a mess of my hair (stopped worrying about that a long time ago) or my nails. My idea of "fassion" is that I have socks on that match and dont have funny slogans written across them, the closest I come to designer cloths is the bargains I pick up in T K Max.
I do a days work and expect to get a days wage, I dont have any issues in getting dirty and have no problem what I do as long as I earn enough to feed me and mine, I got on the train to Manchester during the commuter run the other day and I struggled to get to grips with so many women in power suits with men chasing them like lap dogs, some need to grow balls or at the very least get some surgery and have them inplanted. Too many men are spending too much time preening to realise the women of the world are undermining them and will eventually take over, stop plucking your eyebrows you ponces, put the tweezers down and stop getting your fucking chests waxed for fucks sake! Its getting beyond a joke to be honest and I wonder where the hell it will all end, will we evolve in the same way as some fish to change sex at a whim? Mind you looking at some of you out there I think you already have, its just no one has gotten around to tell you about it yet.